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-Elsa fanart- Hope you guys like it. I really upset with my family issues recently , but after watching the movie , it keep me strong Love E.

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My first real Elsa piece, commissioned by branchan​! I took some artistic liberties with her coronation dress. The Young Queen - Commission


a-ka blonde hair blue eyes braid cape dress elsa (frozen) frozen (disney) hair ornament hair over shoulder long hair magic open mouth single braid snowflake hair ornament snowflakes solo

(Dream/flashback) I'm back in the corner of my old house. My dad is screaming that he was going to kill me when he finds me. I cry as quietly as possible. I can feel the icey cold wind of a Kansas winter blowing threw the window. My dad finds me. He has a knife in his hand and cuts my arm. Then the image changes...

Frozen / Disney Art / Princess- OH MY GOODNESS! She even has her little doll that looks like Anna D: >>>> If you notice, in the scene where Elsa moves across the hallway, she takes the Anna doll and Anna keeps the Elsa doll.