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SandnesGarn Mandarin Barn 1204 - Nøstenett - Dine nøster, rett hjem!
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Summer Chills Cardigan
Modell 7 ( . )
Dale garn - Kjole med og uten ermer - Nr 31313
Saffran cardigan is a perfect winter and holiday cardigan, the colour work is not only beautiful but also gives extra warmth to the cardigan. The pattern includes pattern pieces for a lining that you can sew and hand stitch in place, perfect to prevent tiny fingers from getting tangled and makes dressing easier.

Saffran Cardigan pattern by Nicolina Lindsten

Himmelblå kjole
NOTHING TOO FANCY: For a wee one
Kjole - tunika - topp.
Don't understand a word, but have knit this sweater and I love the color combo on this one.

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