INFRAMEN by Nir Arieli.  To be a dancer is to work your body to the breaking point. In my project "Inframen", I created a series of portraits using an infrared technique that reveals details that are under the subject's abused skin.

Toz Hodgeer [OT: Using infrared photography to create portraits of male dancers, the results of Nir Arieli’s latest project, Inframen, are pretty stunning.

"Inframen", une magnifique série de portraits infrarouges du photographe américain Nir Arieli, basé à New York.  Nir Arieli a photographié des danseurs

Inframen – Les portraits infrarouges de Nir Arieli

"Inframen" a beautiful series of infrared portraits by American photographer Nir Arieli, based in New York. Nir Arieli photographed contemporary dancers, taking

Рето Кадуфф из Лос-Анджелеса

For his recently published picture book Freckles (Splice Pictures Publishing), the Swiss photographer Reto Caduff has taken pictures of freckled women all over Europe. His pictures prove: freckles are beautiful.

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