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Big Bang - Taeyang If that had happened to me i would have died right there. He's just too sexy nowadays <3


Big Bang - Taeyang If that had happened to me i would have died right there. He's just too sexy

Taeyang n.n (GIF from Taeyang's "I'm Going now, to eat" V-app Livestream)

i need that sweater lol

#wattpad #fanfic Bueno ya lo pone en el titulo esto es un moton de oneshots de tu y bigbang. Eres la novia de cada miembro de bigbang y cada uno tendra una historia diferente (claro porque son personas distintas xD) Eres una chica joven de 23 años? (O como querais vosotros) Era una fan y un dia de suerte conocio a...

Bigbang Oneshots - Cap 6. Cuando te invita a tu primera cita

How would Big Bang react to accidentally making.

Kwon Ji Yong x Okuyucu   _______; Bu kısım sizin adınızın olduğu yer.… #hayrankurgu # Hayran Kurgu # amreading # books # wattpad


They're so happy.


Which kpop boy group do they belong to? part 2

G-Dragon being a cutie

D-Lite in Distress | allkpop Meme Center Awww, don't worry Daesung oppa, we love you too!

D-Lite in Distress.LOL I laughed so hard but I also felt bad for daesung! I had no idea GD was in this video until I watched it!

Then taeyang later explained in the V app session that he does that because he doesn't like to eat before performances, so he saves them and eats them after or else the other members (especially TOP) will eat everything and won't leave anything for him after. ㅋㅋ

Haahahahaaa this was a good episode ^^ gd just spilling out yb's habits. Their almost two decade long friendship isn't holding him back xD

TOP, Daesung, and Taeyang for GMarket [gif] lozziecowell.tumblr.

Bigbang Daesung Top Taeyang *when someone tries to take my food.

Tae and Dae are happy, Ji is wondering how to tell Kiko, Seungri is not having it, and Tabi is wondering how it happened at all!

Bigbang Scenarios .남. - Bigbang when you tell them that you're pregnant

P's reaction Taeyang looks amazing in this gif

aish... these dorks ^^.......Hahah xD I love this gif(:

Aw :) I love how childish and happy BIGBANG allow themselves to act. It's the stuff I aspire to.

Taeyang (gif).  That smirk at the end!!!!!!

Young-bae please handle your erotic !

Lol GD and TOP are amazing :) They are hilarious and not afraid to do funny things!    --lmfao ^^

kim-xiumin-minseok: “ youngbaebae: “ crying ” nailed it ”

If Big Bang just barged into your bedroom… me:Ahh...wait omg.... Is that.... A-are u.. B-Bigbang *blushes madly with a idiot smile 'cause I was just listening to them singing along*

If Big Bang just barged into your bedroom…GIF Oh my gosh Daesunggie.

Daesung gives a piggyback to TOP and Taeyang (gif)

Oh god bigbang what are you doin to deasung?<<<<he's obviously the stronger one so they're using him for piggyback rides ! those r fun!

☀️   Tout est dans le titre... je sais c'est pas très origina… #fanfiction # Fanfiction # amreading # books # wattpad

Réaction Bigbang

daesungstrash: “BIGBANG - ‘Let’s not fall in love’ - Taeyang ver.

Meanwhile in the Big Bang waiting room....

[GIF] Meanwhile in the Big Bang waiting room.hahahaha missing their concert this year but, maybe i will get to go on their next comeback. crossing my fingers!