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This is me with -Two Worlds. I finished watching it a few months ago and have watched like 5 other dramas, but I'm still stuck on W. It's by far my favourite drama, and it's just so good!

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Ugh this is me when on a school holiday and after the school holiday


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Park Shin Hye Gets All The Guys!

I'm screeching oh my god this is actually funny (on a side note I actually ship lee Jong suk and park shin hye)

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The crying, kicking, screaming, squealing and the rolling around the bed while giggling. that covers of few things

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There are a few dramas where I'm like "WTF! How does that even happen?" And I demand an explanation to my computer screen.


My boyfriend hates on dramas all the time, but hes never watched them. He used to hate on the show friends. then he watched it. now he loves it.