Rafal Olbinski

Rafal Olbinski

Rafal Olbinski ~ Surrealist painter

Rafal Olbinski, 1943

Rafal Olbinski, Recent Paintings 1991,  polski plakat wystawowy, Rafał Olbiński

Rafal Olbinski, Recent Paintings polski plakat wystawowy, Rafał Olbiński

Laxmi devi and Earth goddess Bhumi, wives of Vishnu

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Rafal Olbinki’s dreamlike artworks are layered with complex psychology, mapping the interiors of the mind and drawing the observer into a different world.

"I have been loved," she said, "by something strange, and it has forgotten me." Djuna Barnes, Nightwood /   Rafal Olbinski

In Blu….Rafal Olbinski

Surrealism by Rafal Olbinski - A Example for the art call: “Dreams” Juried…

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Surreal Paintings by Rafel Olbinski


Surreal Paintings by Rafel Olbinski

Surreal Paintings by Rafel Olbinski. Rafal was born in the city of Kielce in…