Crater Lake, Oregon.

Crater Lake, Oregon Deepest lake in North America

Quiz: What's the Best National Park Trip for Your Personality?

Quiz: What's the Best National Park Trip for Your Personality?

This is one of the nicest photos of Crater Lake that I have seen. One beautiful place.


Crater Lake National Park is a United States National Park located in southern Oregon.

Oregon also is home to the deepest lake in America. With a depth of 1,932 feet, Crater Lake is a sight not to be missed. Deep, deep blue on a brilliant day, surrounded by the evergreen forest, Crater Lake is a uniquely wondrous and beautiful piece of Oregon's gorgeous terrain.

Crater Lake and Wizard Island Crater Lake National Park Oregon USA

Crater Lake Lodge, Oregon.

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Crater Lake, Oregon

Phantom Ship rock at Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

Cleetwood Cove Trail - Crater Lake National Park

The only legal access to the shore of Crater Lake, this is a strenuous and steep switchback trail with a steep grade

Phantom Ship island , Crater Lake , U.S. state of Oregon, as cool in real life as this picture!  Lots of mystic places in the Northwest...

Phantom Ship Island, Crater Lake in Oregon -Lots of mystic places in the Northwest. (Aaron always talked abt going to Crater Lake)

Crater Lake, Oregon... You cannot get to the bottom of this lake...Did you know that?

Top of my US National Park bucket list: Crater Lake National Park in Oregon! It's not the top on my list, but it looks interesting.

Travel Inspiration | Crater Lake, Oregon

A Beautiful Day at Crater Lake, Oregon

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon: Home of the remarkably blue, crystal clear waters of the nation's deepest lake.

Mount Hood, Oregon

Oregon, Mt Hood~ look at this everyday .

Lower Opal Creek

Opal Creek, Oregon - It is so beautiful!

✯ Crystal Cove - Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Sand Harbor Crystal Cove Lake Tahoe, Nevada by Jeffrey Murray Photography

Oregon tide pools.

Moonlight Starfish, Seal Rock Beach, Oregon Lots of tidepools

Oneonta Gorge, Oregon

Oneonta Gorge, Oregon

Oregon coast

Coast Highway, Oregon photo via westcoast - one of my favorite areas to visit