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The look on this owls face makes me think of how protective my mom was of us....and I am of my little owls.

The Mother Great Gray Owl

A Mother Great Gray Owl standing guard over her three babies an awesome National Geographic photo taken in Idaho, by Michael S.

themagicfarawayttree: Chestnut Backed Owlet  Petit: A mirror to my soul at the moment. G’night, everyone … off to find some peace xo

Sri Lankan Endemic Birds: Pitathabala Vana-Bassa - The Chestnut-Backed Owlet (Glaucidium castanonotum)

Checking to see if the coast is clear.

What my owlets look like right now @ about 3 weeks = a cross between a Furbie x Dande

Northen Saw-whet Owl (Captive) Photo by Brian Sartor. He is an amazing photographer. Visit www.briansartor.com

avianrecon: “ beautiful-wildlife: “ Northen Saw-Whet Owl by Brian Sartor ” Peekaboo!

Snowy Owl

The Snowy Owl is like most owls associated with wisdom and omens. It is said that owls help souls find their way from the physical to spiritual realms. Snowy Owls help clarify dreams and remind us to save our strength so we can have it when needed.


Theres a sweet curiosity to baby owls. I love them! I want one so bad!