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Marina Zherdeva - beautiful Love how she does these - daffodils are my absolute favourite flower and this ribbon embroidery is exquisite.

Ribbon embroidery

I've never tried ribbon embroidery, and probably wouldn't have the patience…

ribbon flowers by Di van Niekerk

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Crafts ❀⊱Embroidery, Ribbon Art & Yarn⊰❀ Silk ribbon Daffodils and Hyacynth

*RIBBON ART ~ Pictures of flowers handmade.  Fair Masters - handmade.  Buy now embroidered ribbons "Golden Daffodils".  Handmade.  Yellow daffodils

*RIBBON ART ~ Pictures of flowers handmade. Buy now embroidered ribbons "Golden Daffodils".

A-Z of Silk Ribbon Flowers craft book. $24.00, via Etsy.

This book included some of the most beautiful ribbon flowers I have ever seen! Not only the amazing color and vivid form, the pattern in this book

Sweet Angel

Di van Niekerk is a professional fiber arts instructor, designer and author and she has her own range of silk/organza ribbons and printed panels for embroidery which are exported worldwide.


I love doing embroidery with silk ribbons into flowers and leaves Self taught from years of doing embroidery the regular way like my grandmother taught me, when I saw a book on silk ribbon flowers leaves I loved trying if