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FlashTabs works with Google Chrome and is a tool that enables you to set a deck of flash cards, and process through them at every new tab screen.

FlashTabs is a tool that enables you to set a deck of flash cards, and process through them at every new tab screen.

The Truth About Bullying Infographic

School bullying is a constant issue that never seems to go away. This infographic from RomanticFrugalMom gives us some insight into the statistics of bullying in schools, and the impact of cyber bullying.

A Great Edmodo Cheat Sheet for Teachers ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

The Teacher’s Cheat Sheet For Edmodo. There is a social network designed just for your classroom and it's called Edmodo. Maybe I'll finally figure this thing out.

“Don’t forget about what doesn’t come from this prestigious diploma—the heart to know what’s meaningful and what’s ephemeral; and the head to know the difference between knowledge and judgment.” – Vice President Joe Biden at Yale University

14 Life Lessons From 2015 Commencement Speeches

Good "global" advice on how to localize project based learning for any students anywhere. A nice by-product or "side-effect" is likely to be some benefits to whatever community is involved.

PBL- Let the Class Solve World Problems

Can kids solve real life problems that affect our world? Many of you know the 7 sterile steps to PBL. How about adding a little more to the 7 steps? Here are a few ideas about how to solve real-life problems with your class.

35 Interesting Ways to use Google Docs in the Classroom | Google Docs for Learning

35 Interesting Ways to use Google Docs in the Classroom

35 Interesting Ways to use in the Classroom. I'm going to try to incorporate some of these next year.

Edutopia member @RusulAlrubail breaks down project-based learning design.

Practical PBL Series: Design an Instructional Unit in Seven Phases

Texting in the Classroom - great ideas for using text messages to introduce vocabulary and upcoming learning!

Texting in the Classroom

One of my favorite (free) resources to do this is called ifaketext. It allows users to create faux iPhone text conversations.

How To Cite Social Media: MLA & APA Formats | TeachBytes -- Put this site on your daily reading list!

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning created a reference chart for citing social media sources in MLA and APA format. This is useful for students that are studying social media or conducting research online for a social media experiment.

Guest blogger Lori Desautels translates Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs into a blueprint for classroom practice that can set the stage with comfort, care and self-reflection to optimize brain-compatible learning.

Addressing Our Needs: Maslow Comes to Life for Educators and Students

Learn more about maslow's hierarchy of needs in the Boundless open textbook. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs helps managers understand employees' needs in order to further employees' motivation.

There is a new frantic buzz going around IB schools "The Approaches to Learning". These have been around for a while in the IB document...

Classroom Management - Transdisciplinary skills-could use as poster in class or make mini versions for student notebooks (exhibition prep)