A fusion of all the Gems

A fusion of all the gems? Look where the gems are.>>> This looks like the cliff the temple's on, which is supposed to be all the Crystal Gems fused

kathuon:  The Temple Fusion Gem is so pretty :3

This is what the fusion between Rose, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl would be. And the temple was there the whole time.

"It's ok. I can heal her. Her gem. It's ok, I won't hurt you or her, I can help..." ~яσѕє qυαятz:

I can heal her." ~яσѕє qυαятz:<<<< AWWW Saph is so determined to protect Ruby, and Ruby wants her to run so she will be safe Oh my feels


I cried at her sacrifice as Lapis Lazuli dragged Jasper into the sea, but now every episode I wonder "How long can she keep her there?

This may be why gems that become corrupted look and act like wild animals:

This does explain why for the most part when the gems get corrupted they are always some type of beast


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Steven universe,фэндомы,Pearl (SU),SU Персонажи,Yellow Pearl,Blue Pearl,SU art

The Pearls! Pearl from the crystal gems(middle) Blue Diamond's pearl(Right) Yellow Diamond's Pearl(Left)

a high five from lars

I really want some more episodes about Lars and Sadie. Please Cartoon Network, just one more Lars and Sadie episode?

I’m pretty sure this is how Steven Universe is going to end>>>>>you don't know this? This is a Spongebob/ SU crossover when Spongebob and Patrick fight each other in fry cook games

Lol Rebacca Sugar you just got yourself a major plothole

Pointy Mom Lover>A Product of a Threesome voiced by Nicki Minaj

Suglite is just Garnet and Amethyst so. she's a two-gem fusion. Garnet is the fusion of Sapphire and Ruby. and Garnet fused with Amethyst so, uh, yeah, that's a three-gem fusion.