Kanaya Maryam by lunaticjin

Kanaya Maryam by lunaticjin. Wait, why is she a rainbow drinker as a kid? Am I missing something?

Terezi Pyrope by lunaticjin

Terezi Pyrope by lunaticjin. Then theres trezei

The Psiionic and grub Sollux sorry if I spelled Psiionic wrong :P<<< No, no, its right; Psiionic or Ψsiionic

A Homestuck Christmas>>>I don't care if I've pinned this already it's just too hilarious>>>omg Cronus looks so done

A Very Homestuck Christmas.<< Look up [Homestuck] Christmas Carol, the part two is Karkat singing his version and its too funny

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My favorite AUs are the ones where the Vantases are twins, because this is EXACTLY what happens.<<this is post is literally my favorite thing

hammock time by HomestuckFanPoop

hammocks are not the most reliable of things to make out in. also, dave can fly? what an idiot hammock time

Ok then..

dave and john as parents. I AM DYING! (I don't think I ship this but I might idk wat.) BUT I AM DYINGGGGGGG (davejohn) // serously, Dave as a dad is just the most awesome thing ever

<> #Homestuck #Moirail<< I wish we had this kind of relationship on earth

<> I wish we had this kind of relationship on earth:==>actually we do, it's called QPR/QPP (Queer Platonic Relationship/Partnership) and was coined for people on the aromantic spectrum