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really. come on cashiers.

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That awkward moment when a 2 year old kid is talking to you and you can't understand him so you just sit there and say "oh really?


I have wondered the same thing! I think when David was on a bike, he just would just call another police officer in a car to get them.

So so true!

that awkward moment when a package says "easy open" and you end up using scissors a knife, a hammer, a gun and a lightsaber trying to open it

I'm that magical and awesome

hahahhahahahha "I'm not answering the phone on purpose because I'm taking a nap!


OMG lol I watch Ryan Higa on the bus all the time and our bus is like dead silent and people just like turn around and stare at me when I laugh it's the hardest thing ever

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"what would you like on your bread" "ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" Ya basically

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Most people stuff it in their mouths." I was eating chocolate when I saw this, and I was literally stuffing it in my mouth!

Omg I HATE when people think I'm lying because I'm smiling!!!!!!!!

Oh my gosh! This is so true! People always think I'm lying even when I tell the truth because I can't keep a straight face!

When I was a kid I....

I used to be friends with this weird girl named Isabella. oh wait, i still am. U know i luvu in that friend kinda way. it sounded a lot less awkward in my head.

My little brother just makes up words and I'm tell him if he doesn't know the words don't make up the lyrics because you sound terrible ~Mariam

Or when your music teacher asks you to sight sing the first 4 measures.