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The Sixteen Types

If I understand you, I know what not to say, how not to act, and how best to comfort or advise you if you want/need me to.

Yes, ENFP, finally said right. This exactly me.

ENFP- Introverted Extrovert- Innovative < this is me, One that doesn't describe enfps as rainbow filled cupcakes who are too distracted to deal with life.

How To Manage Every Personality Type - Business Insider

How To Manage Every Personality Type

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The Healer is most compatible with The Teacher and The Provider. I'm INFP and Ian is ESFJ!

Opposites Attract: How to Use the Secrets of Personality Type to Create a Love That Lasts

If you use the information in this book, your relationship will improve! Once you see how valuable this knowledge is, you will wonder how you ever got along without it. Susan Page, author of Why Talki


INFP fact If I could spend the rest of my life locked in a massive library to study things like this I probably would. (My husband, Phil, is an INFP)

Not on everybody but to the self. It has its upsides and downsides and I go through this every day :/

INFP Fact Unfortunately, my standards can be so high that I get depressed because I can't attain them.