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Wilf and 10

"I love the dynamic between the Doctor and Wilf. Wilf sees him as a young man, maybe a nephew or grandson, but the Doctor sees Wilf the same way.

David Tennant as 10 running is a perfectly perfect in my eyes

Doctor Who <3

David Tennant tells a Knock Knock joke. David Tennant tells a Knock Knock joke when hosting a Dr. Who themed "Never Mind the Buzzcocks" episode. Cathe dr who David Tennant buzzcocks knock knock Never Mind the B Wilfred Mott

Rose Tyler and The Doctor

no one can really top the doctor.and no one can top rose as a companion.even though nine and rose comes as a very very close second as my favorite pair up.

David Tennant GIF Probably one of my favorites ever;) @Lacy Beckstrom Sorrells @Larissa Elayne

David Tennant GIF Definitely one of my favorites ever.if not the favorite

I'm the doctor and I'm here to help.

Oh, arrogance. I understand that maybe you want to be thanked because so often you are not. That part irked me for some reason.

Tennant being Tennant

Holy Tardis of Gallifrey! It's totally David Tennant! // I'm not even a Whovian, but I love him and I can just imagine him being all 'Yes, friends, it is I'