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Montague Dawson Rolling Seas - Eastern Monarch oil painting for sale; Select your favorite Montague Dawson Rolling Seas - Eastern Monarch painting on canvas or frame at discount price.

i'm looking for the perfect painting of a ship to put in our baby's room... if its a boy... and when he has a room.

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Художник James Bretton. | трафареты | Постила

Художник James Bretton. | трафареты | Постила

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The painting shows the moment when, unable to return fire on her approach, the battered and bloodied HMS Victory finally breaks through the enemy line with a thunderous broadside, splintering the stern of the French flagship Bucentaure into a thousand pieces. The Victory then rammed the French Redoubtable, the two ships exchanging broadsides at point blank range.

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cuadros-al-oleo-con-el-mar-y-luz-charles-vickery-marinas_01.jpg (1000×742)

cuadros-al-oleo-con-el-mar-y-luz-charles-vickery-marinas_01.jpg (1000×742)