{Litty Gang} Pinterest: @kayla2004marie

This one was entitled "Graffiti" by Frank Morrison and was from his "Urban Mannerisms" collection. Loved it but Frank said this one has already found a home. Graffiti enveloped in graffiti

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Love the hair. Grey hair does not have to be matronly or granny. It can and should be hip, hot and sexy. Don't do "old lady" hair because you're no longer "young". Look good till you die.

#Selfie Mimi Yoon. I don't like the phone, but love the depiction of the woman with her tattoos and hair

Climb Mountains Not so the world Can see you but For you to see the WORLD So, go out and [….] Read more here You are the Love of Your Life ~SnobiBrit© Gifted Artist: Mimi Yoon


edgarallan-hoe: “ littlefroggies: “ I saw a lady in a really cool outfit, and decided to practice tone effects by trying to draw something like it. ” That hair!


theotherblack: Malaysian artist Jason Siwe work entitled Strike A Pose inspired by Erykah Badu! Love this pic