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Some day I will be able to do THIS

Hand-embroidered newspaper by Lauren DiCioccio (7 photos)

Paperfolk loves... Lauren DiCioccio embroidery

Threads Lauren DiCioccio piece that brings to light my reluctancy to abandon my traditional sketchbook for a digital inspiration library.

Hand Stitshed In Love Couple Embroidery Ready To Frame on Etsy, £160.00

Hand Stitshed In Love Couple Embroidery Ready To Frame on Etsy,

jsarloutte:  The Woman. Work in progress.

Check out the incredible work of Julie Sarloutte -- her stitched portraits are such beautiful examples of drawing with textiles. Looks like Irene Adler from BBC sherlock

Elizabeth Pawle embroidery

Elizabeth Pawle's Neatly "Scattered" Embroideries

Embroidery // Elizabeth Pawle's scattering embroideries remind me doodles made with thread. The bevy of colors and shapes are organized in aesthetically-pleasing squares.

Fibre Arts

Fibre Arts

Beautiful works of art.

The Jealous Curator /// curated contemporary art /// Emily Barletta -- although it's a fibres piece, it makes me think of mark making up close.

Louise Riley: The Nine Lives of Cordelia

I am fascinated by the idea that my portraits may be living. Do you remember the bit in the witches where the little girl trapped in the.

rita zepf - Recherche Google

rita zepf - Recherche Google

Pokochać sztukę z ILOBAHIE

California-based artist Lauren DiCioccio hand-embroiders her pieces based off of imagery seen in old issues of The New York Times.

rhian swierat (painting + embroidery)

rhian swierat (The Jealous Curator)

New York-based artist/graphic designer Rhian Swierat's stiched sketches combine painting, drawing, thread and sequins.