Russian poster - body parts are as intricate as machinery - depicted through comparison of camera lens to the human eye - suggests Creation


Camera Collage artist Sammy Slabbinck is like a director, placing found imagery from Mid-Century advertisements in a contemporary context.

Glue-Paper-Scissors : Bene Rohlmann Illustration This is Art, not Mine nor yours, but It deserves to be seen.Share it.


Franz Falckenhaus

Interesting collage piece by Franz Falckenhaus. both images tie together through similar colour pallet. The scattered fragments of the face almost look suspended in the air creating a beauty within the violence of the image.

"Overthinking" This is pretty much what overthinking feels like. The world around disappears and you become focused on what's going on in your brain.


I am thinking about the many hats that mommy wears -- red hat in alaska nursing hat easter hat . swimming cap etc.



lolmann & binebski | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

This really caught my eye. I've always been a fan of collages and this one really stands out to me. The way the body and the background work together but still create contrast is what I like most about it.

Andrew Berg

Andrew Berg