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lateral ankle reconstruction

Structure and Function of the Foot and Ankle - Sprained my ankle yesterday, so a lot of RICE and reading about feet!

ANKLE JOINT PAIN complex joints causing a lot of misery.

Ankle joint pain is usually the result of an old sprain or stubbing the toes against a cupboard.

The tarsal tunnel is located behind the bump on the inside of your ankle. A layer of connective tissue which overlies the bones creates a ‘tunnel’ in which vessels, nerves and tendon enter into the foot. There is little empty space in this area so the nerve can easily become compressed due to any changes to the area. The three main causes for this compression are swelling, fracture, or foot mechanics.

Tarsal tunnel: formed by flexor retinaculum; can compress tibial nerve

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Anatomy Of The Foot & Ankle - Everything You Need To Know - Dr. Nabil Ebraheim

Ebraheim’s educational animated video describes anatomical structures of the foot and ankle, The Bony Anatomy, The Joints, Ligaments, and the Compartment.

Types of ankle sprains

Types of Ankle Sprains

Ankle pain can be caused by something as minor as an ill-fitting shoe or as major as an injury. Many kinds of ankle pain originate on the outer, or lateral, side of the ankle. What many people don’t realize is that chiropractic care can be very beneficia

Instant Anatomy - Leg - Joints - Ankle Ligaments

Instant Anatomy - Leg - Joints - Ankle Ligaments (Effects Of Bad Posture Products)