Voices of the Wind - Native American - Beautiful Meditation - YouTube

From Edison films catalog: One of the most peculiar customs of the Sioux Tribe is here shown, the dancers being genuine Sioux Indians, in full war paint and .

▶ Tibet and Tibetan Healing Sounds - 2 full albums -Bells - Relaxation, meditation, reading, yoga - YouTube

Native American Music Award nominee and custom flute maker, Charles Littleleaf, performing 'Who am I' from his album, Ancient Reflections, on the Native Amer.

Robert TallTree Native American Flute Music Healing Song YouTube

Healing Song - Native American flute music, composed and played by Robert TallTree, Best Flutist NAMMYs nominee. TallTree is a best-selling author, peace advocate and world-renowned recording artist.

#R.CarlosNakai: Earth Spirit (Native American Music)

Nakai: Earth Spirit - (Native American Music) This collection of solo flute pieces from Navajo-Ute musician R.

Native American Legends Thematic Unit

Native American Legends Thematic Unit

Song title is "Rhythm of the Heart" composed by "Ah Nee Mah." Using clips from various western films and documentaries, my short feature is an interpretation.