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Pixel to 3D: Yoshi - Hunwoo Choi

thecyberwolf: “Mario, Yoshi & Sonic Created by Hunwoo Choi ”


Nintendo Amiibo Yoshi Super Mario Series Figure Wii U Japan Official

Super mario galaxy 2 sky station galaxy music extended essay Super Mario Galaxy Sky Station Galaxy is a galaxy. A portion of Sky Station Galaxy's music is remixed and used in.

Heh, cute idea, especially since it's not really clear why the Wii U is special except for the tablet controller. "​Let Nintendo Characters Show You What's Cool About the Wii U"

​Let Nintendo Characters Show You What's Cool About the Wii U

Yoshi Island - thats A long name Yoshi, thats a llllloooooonnnnnggg name

Yoshis full name>>>If only my name sounded as sophisticated

Yoshi/Baby Mario

Super Mario Bros character PopArt created by the Nintendo studio's → It's the weekend!