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Tribal ninetales by Esmeekramer

Made a tribal pokemon again, ninetales Hope you like it Like almost all of my tribals, made with black pen/fineliner and watercolor pencil (for the dutc.

Day 316 - Mega Kucheat | Mawile by AutobotTesla on DeviantArt

Mawile's beauty and creepy backstory somehow makes it one of my favourite Pokémon. (The backstory with the starved child, the other I do not find appealing.

CLOYSTER by SiegeEvans on DeviantArt

[Day Favourite ice type - Cloyster I'm a big fan of the Gastly evolution line, and some people believe that Cloyster is a Gastly trapped in a shell. Even before I'd heard this theory I thought Cloyster looked badass, so it must be true!