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23 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Pokémon // Pikachu’s name is a combination of the Japanese onomatopoeia for sparkle, pikapika, and the sound of squeaking, which is expressed as chūchū.

Starter Pokemon Regional Variant 2 by Nyjee.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

some different forms for starters evo from link Ivysaur Type:Fire Rock Charmeleon Type:Water Dragon Wartortle Type:Grass Steel Bayleef Type:Flying Quilava Type:Rock Cr.

Pokemon Go - Mr. Mime is a Psychic/Fairy Type Pokemon that has no Evolution. Mr…

Mime - 122 - Emanations from its fingertips solidify the air into invisible walls that repel even harsh attacks. It is adept at conning people. It is said to be able to create walls out of thin air by miming.

Who is he

Went to see the first Pokemon movie in theaters last week. Personally, I prefer two mews to mewtwo!

All time favorite starter if i could pick any pokemon to have in real life it would be this one

Pokémon - 155 Cyndaquil, 156 Quilava and 157 Typhlosion art by Pixiv Id 763010 (Sankaku Channel)

Looks a bit like a poketree - Pokemon ~ DarksideAnime

Pokemon Popular Cute Pikachu Charmander Bulbasaur Mew Eevee Mewtwo Apple iPhone 5 TPU Soft Black or White Cases (Black)

Why did Gryphon-Shifter combine Monster Hunter and Pokemon? Heck, why not? The distinct icon style works fantastically with the Pokemon from Red and Blue—so much so that I kind of want to see all Pokemon in this style!

The Original 151 Pokemon, Redone As Monster Hunter Icons