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Kirby visits King Dedede by Metal-M on DeviantArt

okay after i saw the annoucement of the new game "kirby planet robobot" instantly i had this in my mind enjoy this crap kirby and king dedede ©.


Oh, Meta Knight, just forgive her already. Even if she doesn’t really deserve it. XD BTW, this isn't the comic I was crying about either (you'll p. The Apology


Sonic's Eye Infection by Bonus-kun on deviantART Did Kirby eat Sonic's brain?

カービィのマンガまとめ① [10]

カービィのマンガまとめ① [10]

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The Brand-New Kirby Hammer by RoughSketch897 on DeviantArt

A comic I drew today to celebrate the release of "Kirby's Return to Dreamland." People who played "Kirby Super Star Ultra" should get it; The Brand-New Kirby Hammer

Meta Knight's Perspective by ZeffraSphinx @DeviantArt.com | Oh my word the fangirls. Bunch of crazies! I definitely wouldn't be like that. I would prefer to be a good friend and let him have his space, as well respect his privacy with his mask. I find that better than mobbing him like a bunch of psychotic maniacs.

I actually have a home made Meta Knight cosplay, so I sorta know what it's like wearing the mask.