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狡噛慎也 | REACH - WorldCosplay Psycho-pass

Kogami Shinya cosplay (Btw, the cosplay looks way better than the original character from the anime.) from Psycho-pass

this is so damn good that i actually cant breath

LALAax(LALA二世) Sebastian Michaelis Cosplay Photo - WorldCosplay, why can't anime guys be real?

Akane Tsunemori (WorldCosplay) | Psycho-Pass #anime #cosplay

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Gintoki (KumaQi) | Gintama #anime #cosplay

Cosplay Gintoki Sakata - Gin Tama - "I might not be so popular in but you know everyone's all over me in shinpachi!

Hauru - Black Feather Wig

Howls moving castle has got to be in my top 3 best studio ghibli movies. This cosplay is amazing! I can't wait to cosplay him

black butler cosplay

Is it just me or this looks like someone decided to cosplay as Ciel cosplaying as the TARDIS?<<< Book of Circus, Lady.

Steins Gate - "I am the crazy mado scientisto HOU-OU-IN KYOU-MA! BOAHAHAHAHAHAH!" [Click to Enlarge]

Só eu achei esse cosplayer parecido com o Alan do EletronicDesireGE?