So beautiful... lol I thought it had something to do with my little pony at first... *sigh*

This is a good idea for like, the Fire Kingdom (Flareon) the Ice Kingdom (Glaceon) the Electric Kingdom (Jolteon) the Psychic Kingdom (Espeon) the Water Kingdom (Vaporeon) the Plasma Kingdom (Eevee) and the Fairy Kingdom (Sylveon)

Eevee evolution

Eeveelutions, simple as that. I decided to make it look more dark and dramatic to give it a more serious feel to it.

Shine upon them! The moonlight has arrived! by on @deviantART (Umbreon)

[Day Favourite dark type - Umbreon Umbreon's my favourite eeveelution and favourite dark type because it comes from gen where happiness evolution and day and night features were introduced. As well as that, Umbreon just looks badass

160226 Beleaf In Yourself by on @DeviantArt

Round 2 of Exploring Watercolors. Today I learned not to paint next to another wet color. Done on my Twitch stream! You too, can watch me swear and yell.