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my little pony, friendship is magic, brony - Nomnomnomnom @ wicked confections- for Chris PUDDING! (any Supernatural fans like MLP?

Horn Writing

And thus, Twilight and Sunburst spent the best part of the hiatus attempting to translate Starlight's list! --- And so, a whole season's worth of episod.

Don't be a hater on old gen ponies.

Straight From the Ponies' Mouths

Don't be a hater on old gen ponies.the old gen ponies were made of girly stereotypes and used to sell toys

Pet's Meal Cooking

I feel like Fluttershy is turning into something else. ------------------------------ Here is some little comic strip I did recently.

MLP fluttershy angry

MLP Fluttershy is awesome. If she were an Avenger she would be the Hulk.<<<<>it's funny 'cause her character in the power ponies episode was based off of hulk

MLP: Raripunzel (Commissioned) by *tan575 on deviantART

Art by With Twilight now a princess, she is able to do whatever she wants as royalty. But what happens when another princess lay claim on what Twilight .

Family Ties by *Toxic-Mario on deviantART

Apple jack's parents died I would cry too if I lost something my parents gave me it's so sweet that the sweetness is getting in my eyes

Tied forever with Apple bloom, become best friends with Pinkie pie, start a lightsaber fight with Lyra, and my pony name is Marshmallow wisp

ALL the Pony Scenarios!

Violated bon bon, best friends with Luna, iron pony competition with whoever 23 is, i forgot. and my name is Flutter Dash