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Senioritis? Get cured with these

5 Ways Senioritis and Existentialism Are Basically the Same Thing

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Math humor --Librarian, "Who is putting all the Math books in the Horror section?

"The Far Side" by Gary Larson.

"Agnes, it's that heavy chewing sound again!" "The Far Side" by Gary Larson.

Pin for Later: 59 Things Only True Book-Lovers Understand What to do when life is just too much.

When Bianca and Luke died I had to lean back in my chair, and stare out the window for a several minutes, because I am so done with Troll Riordan.

This was me when Fred Weasley died. I seriously read it as knocked out and then the book said "Fred Weasley was dead." I was like, "Wait what?'and reread it like ten times.

.This was way funnier then it should have been

Clontech Cartoons ~ DNA Therapy: "Now, Just relax your back-bone and let yourself unwind.

21 Things Book Lovers Feel Slightly Guilty About

21 Things Book Lovers Feel Slightly Guilty About

No matter how many unread books you own, there& always room for more.