Syd Barrett

Syd Barrett originally of PInk Floyd photographed by Mick Rock next to an American car, presumably in London around 1967 or I loved the first Pink Floyd album Piper at the Gates of Dawn. I love the casual nature of this photo

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Syd Barrett, September 1967 What can be said about Syd Barrett that hadn't been said already? His brief musical career as a lead si.

Syd Barrett

Syd Barrett - importante saber

Pink Floyd

Syd Barrett lead vocalist, guitarist and principal songwriter of Pink Floyd at the Casa Madrona Hotel, Sausalito, CA, November There are two sugar cubes in his mouth as he was pretending to drop LSD. (Photo by Baron Wolman/Iconic Images/Getty Images)

Syd Barrett

Rare Photos Of Pink Floyd's Creative Genius Syd Barrett

“ Syd Barrett with his Fender Esquire, 1965 “I was standing at the front but couldn’t move, I could only take pictures of Syd Barrett and Nick Mason. After the concert, Syd Barrett said: ‘Why do the audience scream so much?

"I'm disappearing, avoiding most things. I'm treading the backward path." — Syd Barrett

Today we remember Roger Keith "Syd" Barrett, who very sadly passed away on this day in Syd Barrett, architect of psychedelic rock, gone 6 years today. Set the controls for the heart of the sun. That's where Syd will be.