FJÄLKINGE Hylle, hvit

IKEA - FJÄLKINGE, Shelf unit , The long, slender shelves give the shelving unit a light and airy look. And the clean, simple lines make it easy to combine with many styles of furniture.The shelving unit is strong and durable because it’s made of stee

IKEA - LIXHULT, Schrank, , Praktisch zum Ordnen von Kleinkram wie Ladegeräten, Schlüsseln und Geldbeuteln oder…

LIXHULT Schrank, Metall, grau

IKEA LIXHULT Cabinet Metal/grey cm Helps you keep track of small items like chargers, keys and wallets, or more bulky items like handbags and toys.

IKEA - OMAR, 2 sezioni, Facile da montare: non servono attrezzi.È stabile anche sui pavimenti irregolari, grazie ai piedini regolabili.

OMAR 2 shelf sections IKEA Easy to assemble, no tools required. Adjustable feet provides stability on uneven floors. For basement pantry.

ИКЕА ПС 2014 Шкаф угловой - розовый - IKEA

IKEA PS 2014 Corner cabinet IKEA Takes little space but gives plenty of practical storage as this cabinet fits snugly in tight corners.

BRIMNES Libreria IKEA Grazie ai ripiani regolabili puoi personalizzare la tua soluzione in base alle tue esigenze.

BRIMNES Libreria, bianco

BRIMNES Bookcase IKEA Adjustable shelves, so you can customise your storage as needed. Smooth-running drawers with drawer stops to keep them in place.

LAIVA Reol IKEA - painted yellow

LAIVA Reol, sortbrun

IKEA - FULLEN, Spejlskab, , Du kan flytte hylden og tilpasse afstanden imellem hylderne efter behov.Spejlet har sikkerhedsfilm på bagsiden – det reducerer risikoen for at komme til skade, hvis glasset går i stykker.

IKEA - FULLEN, Mirror cabinet, , You can move the shelf and adjust the spacing according to your personal needs.The mirror comes with safety film on the back, which reduces the risk of injury if the glass is broken.

GALANT Schreibtisch - weiß, T-Bein, silberfarben  - IKEA

GALANT Desk - white, T-leg, silver color - IKEA: Office desk big enough for both computers.