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Larp, Filing

Fashion Patterns, Larp, Filing, Fashion Models

Men's kirtle from Bocksten  This garment is asymmetric. First, the length of the sleeves differ by a few centimeters. Secondly, the extra pieces of fabric inserted at the base of the sleeves to make the armpits wider, are of different size in the two sleeves. Sleeves also seem to be made of different fabric than the rest of the body. According to a scientific reconstruction, this garment should be quite long, extending down to the mid-calf. Like other finds from Bocksten, this kirtle is…

Men's kirtle from Bocksten. Like other finds from Bocksten, this kirtle is dated to the half of the century. Based on: Some Clothing of the Middle Ages - Kyrtles/Cotes/Tunics/Gowns - The Bocksten Bog Man;

Rus Trouser Pattern/Skjoldehamn is not Rus! This find is from Northern Norway.

Skjoldehamn trouser discussion for further poking.

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Middle ages Pattern for outer garment. 15th century.

German fashion in the 15th century. Men's Dress

Middle ages Pattern for outer garment.

Weaving types from Iron Age (Jorgensen 12)

AN APPROACH ABOUT KELTOI (C) – celtic clothing 1

Weave types from Halstatt and Danish bog finds

British Museum swords

British Museum swords

Marx Etsel Tunic 004

For the real hardcore reenactors: pay attention to how this is stiched. And how the seams are folded and stitched

greenland gown, bog find, cotehardie, houpelande, currently trying to flat pattern draft a gothic fitted dress similar to those in the limburg book of hours using measurements and the basic shapes of the extant pieces

Cotehardies from Greenland Gowns - Dame Helen's website


Gored cloak pattern-- BUT it takes 3 yards for a half circle, so 6 for a full circle, but I can do a full circle from 8 yards with MUCH less work, so I don't think this is worth it for the fabric savings.>>>> I really want a cloak.

Some Clothing of the Middle Ages -- The Bocksten Bog Man -- The Hose

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