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¿De que raza será esta gallina  que tiene tantas patitas?Je..je..

Baby chicks know where to go if things get scary. That's right - straight under mama's protective wings! Mother hens are every bit as fierce in guarding their babies as any mother grizzly.


Sabelpoot (Booted Bantams) is a beautiful and charming bird, which appear in lots of lovely colours. They have a very calm friendly character and quickly get attach to you.

'I'm just Chick-in-it-out in the Book' - Funny Chicken reading on how to lay an egg -

Hens at the wheel                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Chickens in an old car. not the car necessarily in my back yard but the chickens asap when we move. then I wont be the only hen at my house. Im going pioneer style or Ron Paul style!

Roosters swimming

Riley you need to take your chickens swimming! Don't think my chickens are smart enough to swim Swimming Chickens?