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When meat eaters say they can't go vegan because they don't like tofu / vegan meme / vegan humor / vegan lifestyle

Farm animals - Bizarro Comic

vegan funny: mad cow disease, avian flu, swine flu - any other ideas for turning people vegan?

Cognitive dissonance. *sigh* I do struggle with this one...

Cartoon that shows a cross-eyed woman speaking gibberish to a kitten who she gives excess attention to while also disregarding other species she kills for food

uhhhhhhhhck..  >:(  so true

"I ordered a slab of bloody muscle, tendons, bone and veins - and there's A HAIR in it!

WHY THEY CREATED THE WORD CHEESE: ~ would you like congealed bovine mammary secretions with that? - #truthbetold #vegan

why they created the word cheese ~ would you like congealed bovine mammary secretions with that?

Thanks, World Health Organization! :)

Cancer sticks are not just cigarettes they are in hot dogs and other meats products

I didn't plan on becoming a preachy VEGAN ASSHOLE but yet here I am.

Is it preaching if you are giving a well-researched, factual, non-sugar-coated answer to someones questions?

Yesss lol

keep warning them "What happened to the planet" "oh gee, I don't know"