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Updated picture of Estrella. She is a wild buckskin mustang. She has one foal, Courage.  Hope is also like a daughter to her. She is a LEAD MARE. She has never let a man break her. She is together with Roary. Stallions everywhere dream of catching this young beauty. She is the promise of hope the the herd.

This is Estrella. The leader of the Wild Mountain Herd. She is smart, Beautiful, Strong and a fierce competitor. She is Mates with Roary. She is a natural born leader.

Astoundingly Beautiful! Gypsy Vanner

I just have a thing for draft horses. Look at this beauty! It's a Gypsy Vanner Horse, or Gypsy Cob. Created to pull gypsy caravans in England.


What is it about the Arabian horses, they seem to me to be the Ballet dancers of the equine world, really stunningly beautiful.

211 Betalka XXVII

Horse for sale: Lipizzaner foal - The little Betalka (born in is the offspring of the stallion M.Batosta from the Lipica Stud Farm and the mare Betalka which also .