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What I imagine people watching me play Pokémon must be thinking

I have to differ with Skyrim, I'm still so in love with the game, but this meme is soooo true when it comes to Pokemon


However, I actually enjoyed Black and White. In my opinion it was Pearl/Diamond/Platinum that sucked big donkey balls.

Pokemon. Funny.

Funny pictures about They grow up so fast. Oh, and cool pics about They grow up so fast. Also, They grow up so fast photos.

Pokemon wtf

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True, how does a fully grown Kangaskhan, with a baby in its pouch, hatch from an egg in the Pokémon games?

Ash Shocked Meme by 42Dannybob on deviantART

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Pokémon Logic

Pokémon Logic

I always wondered why some huge pokemon could hide in tall grass, now I know. THEY'RE ALL NINJAS!