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I Dare You To Make It Through These 21 Tumblr Stories Without Laughing

The Tie Dealer

I have a tie dealer at my school. This guy has got to be awesome! <-- I bet this kid is the younger version of the doctor<<< I want a tie dealer at my school!

That's why we can't have nice things dept.

Everyone learned their lesson. It's what happens when you share a class with crazy people. <-- So what if he's sexually attracted to owls? Owls are fine with me.


This made me laugh too hard.I tend to say stupid things all the time when I need the sleep.

Liked one of his photos from 2009 blood curdling scream

hahahahahaha I laughed to hard at this. The worst thing that could happen to a creeper

I just looked for my Allegiant board and then remembered that I don't have one...

The fangirls took over this post. Go fangirls! But so true at the same time

Yeah, pretty much.

I need an actual fangirl in a movie, one who wears fandom shirts, makes references no one else gets, when anything romantic happens to say "I ship it", because the "nerdy girls" aren't nerdy

This is hilarious xD Since I don't go on Omegle, Kik, etc., creeps don't usually ask for my number, so I'll do this on my friends!! Lolz!! xD :D:

False numbers are usually safer to give out to a creep than to outright reject them if you're feeling unsafe, so.