Oh my lord MISHA. This made me actually laugh out loud.


I love how the first 'Cooking Fast and Fresh with West' the meal looks delicious, the second one looks weird but still pretty edible, and the,last one. poor Misha LOL and West Collins ^_^

A very good idea

Ok but why doesn't holy water do anything to Sam with his demon blood just asking because I am slightly confused(I'm also only on season three)


There is a fine line between stalking and observing with rabid enthusiasm. Try not to cross that line, fandom.<<<<It's a fandom.it's impossible NOT to cross that line

[GIFSET] 50 Ugliest Male Actors - gif.for.everything - you need to get your eyes checked.

50 Ugliest Male Actors - Uh, no. "I know for a fact females were not consulted about that.

Misha Collins and his son West are amazed by an owl. Daughter Maison Marie watches from his shoulders.

I promise you that I would have no problem with dating a almost 40 year old. Exactly a 26 years  difference doesn't mean anything

Kiana :) on

Misha Colllins - I hate this man so much. And by hate, I mean love.