Dumbledore & McGongall are perfect ❤

They are definitely besties, and i also thought of the fact that dumbledore is gay so he's like her "gay best friend". And i have this crazy picture in my head when Dumbledore is going shopping with her like the clichee gay guy.

So true it hurts

Reactions to the various Harry Potter deaths lol I find it funny and true too I felt so sad when mist these ppl died

tumblr loves Harry Potter #imgur #harrypotter

You should call me Dumbledore, because I'm the real Head master ;)

And who does everybody hate? That's right. James Potter

As much as I like Snape, people have to stop talking shit about James Potter.


oh ye. He's gonna ruin their whole year and the chamber of secrets movie and book because this guy, is literally the most idiotic person I have ever met. Ye this'll be hilarious," thought Dumbledore.

To be fair, Harry was not supposed to be in the tournament. But I don't know about in the challenges

Because the age of adulthood in the wizarding world is 17 and to enter the Triwizard Tournament you had to be Anyone who voluntarily put their name in the Goblet of Fire was a legal adult by wizarding standards. You muggle.