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Lotus flower wrap Sleeve idea, i'm actually not that in to lotuses in tattoos, but i like the flow in this one.

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Here is just the design! Both the phoenix and the lotus symbolize rebirth and hope! Exactly what I need right now <3

Phoenix with a lotus tattoo. *(needs better lotus) Great concept tho? A lotus grows from deep mud. The deeper the mud the bigger and more beautiful the bloom. The Phoenix is reborn and risen from the ashes of his past life!

Love this. Minus the stem and the petals that are falling off.

I really want a lotus flower tatoo! “they come from the bottom of the floor from muck and mud and struggle to the top of the water seeking light and then, after an extremely arduous growth process like our life it blossoms and prevails and spreads beauty”

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No matter your style, never forget that a tattoo is permanent, so be sure you think about the design carefully. The best thing regarding these tattoos.

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Lotus Flower: Very simple design, barely any color - this tattoo gets the essence of pencil sketches. This is the style I think I'm looking for. I think this would look cool with text coming out of the stem


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Swirly butterfly tattoo on foot. Lil bit more embellishments, n I think I just found my next tat

Simple ink.

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