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I never know how much pasta to use! I could eat a horse size. a spaghetti measuring tool by Stefán Pétur Sólveigarson

Weight Machine cum Desk for vegetable cutting

Funny pictures about Awesome cutting board scale. Oh, and cool pics about Awesome cutting board scale. Also, Awesome cutting board scale.

These accent wall bedroom design ideas are the best way to break up a large room, to focus on an amazing architectural feature, or to make an ordinary space, extraordinary. Some are easy to do and …

10 Lovely Accent Wall Bedroom Design Ideas

Small appliance storage solutions is one of most ideas for kitchen decoration. Small appliance storage solutions will enhance your kitchen's cabinets. This small appliance storage solutions .

That's what I call an umbrella.

Rain-proof umbrella For those times when a regular umbrella isn't enough. 17 Hilariously Crazy and Brilliant Inventions Only Japan Could Have Thought Up I NEED one of these umbrellas!

Getting ready for pool time -- rubber wine glasses. YESSSSSS!!!! Where can I find these?!?

Rubber wine glasses for the pool and camping. Or just because drunk people drop shit. Because drunk people drop shit.

One pot, two lives. Amazing and beautiful! Perfect for my future apartment :)

One pot, two lives.

One pot, two lives; a planter and a fishtank in one to promote a beautiful example of simbiotic living. While the fish's waste provides nutrients for the plant, the plant filters the water that it is fed to provide clean water for the fish.

Wine-glass holder for in the tub. This seems essential.

Bathtub wine holder I seriously need this. I love taking bubble baths with a good book and a glass of wine

Ideal for parties!

Ideal for parties!

Soda pop dispenser for mess free pouring.great idea for little ones and people not strong enough to hold and pour soda from bottle.

I want this so bad

must find for kelly Blue Volkswagen VW cartoons iphone 4 iPhone iPod Touch case by Pointsale store. If my brother liked cases for his phone I imagine he would have this one.

Envase perfecto para la.miel

Keep your honey jar un-stickified with the honey syrup dispenser. The honey syrup dispenser holds your honey better than the bear from the grocery store since.

One Click Butter Cutter

One Click Butter Cutter

"ONE CLICK STICK BUTTER CUTTER".Easily slice perfect squares of butter for your morning waffles, toast or baked potato with this handy butter cutter.

This might even make me go back on the rule that Seattleites don't use umbrellas. Plus it's called a drumbrella....*squeeee

Rain Drum - Rain drum is an innovative umbrella that features various kinds of sound, making the most interesting amusement for user during rainy days. The Rain Drum umbrella is an idea of the designer Dong Min Park.

Shaving Pedestal- need this for the shower

I didn't even know these existed. I always used shower corners! Shaving Pedestal : Every girl needs this.you could put it at the perfect height for you.

If you believe life should be the ultimate expression of art or just happen to like cool contemporary appliances, then the modern knives set is for you. In every home there's always a list of essentials not to go without. This innovative knives set offers not only unsurpassed quality with its four stainless steel blades…

Modern Knives Set

such a cool knife set. Great for small kitchens and just because it looks so amazing. Deglon Meeting Knife Set, Stainless Steel Knives and Block, Set of Kitchen & Dining

love this idea... it is a cutting board that doubles as a scale....

Funny pictures about Awesome cutting board scale. Oh, and cool pics about Awesome cutting board scale. Also, Awesome cutting board scale.

Make sure every glass is chilled to perfection with stainless stones.

2 4 6 8 Stainless Steel Iced Cubes Rock Neat Drink Whiskey Stone Freezer Gel Box

Final Touch Hard Ice Stainless Steel Ice Cubes These stainless-steel cubes never melt, providing more flavorful and colder drinks.