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A bunny truth: Bunnies become your best friends furr-ever!

My little Bella grunts at me when I talk to her. She always makes me feel better.

Bunny is a very good listener

Life IS better

Life IS better

Stuff my guinea pig does…

Stuff My Guinea Pig Does. The burrito was totally my Halloween costume idea for the pig. by proteamundi

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Always make sure the bunny approves!

Bunnies are... Beautiful, adorable, intelligent, loyal, entertaining & so much more! www.best4bunny.com

Yes they are from Ameli

Even as this makes me remember how bad bunnies stink (that is an odor you never forget!) it makes me want another bunny.

Good Morning Every Bun! Time For Some Mischief This Saturdayyy!

Here are some strange, yet true, things you may not have known about jawn.

Baby Hedgehog

Here are some strange, yet true, things you may not have known about hedgehogs.<-----You must know Jawn really well to know all these things about him!<~~~~ the Sherlock fandom striking again.

Smiley - The Golden Retriever Born Without Eyes

Golden Retriever - Noble Loyal Companions

Golden retriever born without eyes brings joy to humans with disabilities - FunSubstance

Magical everyday moments... Bunnies give us so many! www.best4bunny.com

Sweet boy Busta You gave me so many!

Yeeessssss!!!! ♥

Bunny, keep your chin up and smile.

As if you didn't notice. DP

Crazy bunny lady right here!

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Ingesloten afbeelding

Rabbits are very special pets. I've always wanted a dog (I got one now), but we adopted 2 rabbits. Now I'm addicted to rabbits and we adopted 4 others (unfortunately one passed away. So I ended up owning 5 bunnies!

Bunny Love

Rabbits are wonderful pets and loving companions. They're also very smart: you can teach them tricks and litter-box train them.

Yet another human item stolen by a rabbit

Chinning: Yet another human item stolen by a rabbit