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mushroom and snail

Snail Sitting on a Red Mushroom- making mushrooms out of clay or something and painting as a garden decoration or veggie marker would be cute

Wow! A wave in all its glory.

“Realization is not about you, the wave, realizing it is ocean. The ocean realizes itself in you and reveals itself to have never been just a wave.

Coast line of BC, This picture has to be taken at low tide at just the right angel to get this shot. As the tide comes up the swells create an effect that make it took like it is drinking the water.

A horse entering the water. Is it nature added upon or art made to look completely natural?

Thanks to JEHOVAH (architecture) and JESUS(constructor) together they created all things for us...proverb 8:22 (Jesus said:"JEHOVAH produced me as the beginning of his way,the earliest of his achievements of long ago...30 Then I was beside him as a master worker.

The Swan," with Yo-Yo Ma. "Le Cygne illustrates the fleeting nature of beauty, with its interpretation of the legend of the "swan song." This piece soothes and calms me.

Turquoise river

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black, white & blue ] (by D-P Photography) ” Bruarfoss, Iceland - beautiful Icelandic nature