Hele Stitch Ground / Torchon Ground - Hoe maakte u dit? | Luxe DIY

Whole Stitch Ground / Torchon Ground - How Did You Make This? | Luxe DIY

great and simple tutorial  Basics of Bobbin Lace - How Did You Make This? | Luxe DIY

Basics of Bobbin Lace

Basics of Bobbin Lace - Luxe DIY - How Did You Make This? This is the very very best set of instructions I have found. It's by Kris Degraeve.

Technique - Curved Whole Stitch Lace - Luxe DIY - How Did You Make This?

Curved Whole Stitch Lace

Technique - Curved Whole Stitch Lace - Luxe DIY - The clothes pin bobbins are fun. a nice idea in a "pinch".

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Bobbin lace can be incredibly beautiful, but it’s equally intimidating. Tiny threads, specialized materials and patterns that just look like grids and dots are fairly unwelcoming, and clear documentation can be hard to find. Bobbin lace is basically an elaborate braid and/or weaving pattern worked around carefully placed pins to form holes. If you’ve managed Read More

Basics of Bobbin Lace

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