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This is my face whenever someone comes to my door and asks me if I have time to talk about Jesus...

Nacho Libre (2006)

Nacho Libre - I love it. It's the best. it's fantastic. Oh my gosh! Someone finally made a damn Nacho Libre meme. My life is complete ^_^ >> Go Nacho!

This guy doesn't made me laugh, either he isn't funny or my sense of humor isn't sensitive to his level of being funny. Things change, was a time I didn't care for Jim Carey, but his portrayal in movies changed that. Ferrell, on or off "stage" he sucks.

Will Ferrell portrait - this cracks me up. My kids have portraits like this.


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Ahahahahahaha look at the guys faces in the background! This whole thing is hilarious!

Drunk me thinks she’s so graceful…

Meme Compilation: This Could Be Us But You Playing - MaseTV

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lol oh Lordddd lol

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