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CROP CIRCLE DECODED:  The  Owl symbol of the Freemasons Crop Circle.

Owl crop-circle appears in Wiltshire field

uk2009, Lucy Pringle's Crop Circle Photography

Crop Circle appeared at Windmill Hill, near Avebury Trusloe, Wiltshire on the…

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Pentacle Crop Circle at Ark Lane nr Stroud Green, Essex, United Kingdom.

Unbelievable Crop Circles

25 Amazingly Complex Crop Circle Designs

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Crop Circles are beautiful, mysterious phenomena's that appear in fields in the UK, countries thought Europe and in the United States of America

Reino Unido Crop Circle 28 julio 2015

Crop Circle at Maiden Castle, Nr Dorchester, Dorset, United Kingdom.

Crop Circle (July 9, 2015) Clearbury Ring, Odstock, Wiltshire, United Kingdom, photo by Steve Alexander

Crop Circle at Clearbury Ring, Odstock, Wiltshire, UK - 9 July Crop circle photo by Steve Alexander