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Irish wolf hound-I think I need one of these!

21 Dogs Who Don't Realize How Big They Are. I love this. I want a Irish wolf hound

biegniemy....szybciutko...do mamusi...

biegniemy....szybciutko...do mamusi...

YOU MAY HAVE NEVER HEARD OF Keeshond is a medium-sized purebred dog known for being affectionate, playful, and alert. They are typically black, grey, silver, or white. You will see very quick results when you train them, and they love to play with children. Avg Life Expectancy: 13 yrs Origin: Germany and the Netherlands Keeshond Puppy Author Terri Brown

Little Puppy Keeshond - Keeshond - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Banjo the Keeshond

Banjo is a walking fluffball known as a Keeshond. He loves squeaky toys, ropes, and most importantly, attempting to latch onto people's pant legs.

Keeshond puppy! This is exactly what my baby used to look like when he wasn't a demon!

Keeshound pup - Makes me miss my Zoe girl. The only difference is when she was a pup one ear was up and one was down lol