Aladdin: From street rat to Prince Ali, it is a matter of improv and quick wits to stay "one step ahead"


the face you and your bestfriend make when someone you both don't like starts talking to you hahaha! Or someone says something stupid.

This Is What The "Aladdin" Characters Look Like In Real Life

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Go away, dumb quiz. God, I love watching Jasmine's hair move in the movie. Disney knew how to create living atmospheres, and the way Jasmine's hair swings around and springs.

Aladdin ask Jasmine Do you trust me she said Yes

Yesterday I had a vision over looking the city. Just like Aladdin up in the air holding out his hand asking, "Do you trust me?

Disney challenge day six: in my very humble opinion, princess jasmine is the prettiest princess :)

Can i just say that Aladdin and Jasmine are my favorite disney couple? Adande aka will you be my Aladdin to my Jasmine?


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