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A REAL American...their culture, their language, their religion, their land...before it was stolen. The white race,  the REAL "illegals" here. Too many people seem to forget that.

THE REAL culture, language, religion, land.before it was stolen. Too many people seem to forget that. People’s Day! Just Voted To Replace Day With This Holiday! rights!

so 7 Generations have come together and I just read yesterday that the work on the pipeline had been stopped (NY TIMES) and maybe Crazy Horse wasn't so crazy.

First Nations

`Please visit Site as Pictures are not viewable here. `Peace &Love` This Re posting is In Honor Of The Creator's Birth Holyday! celebrated this day of `Video ~ Native American Indian~`World & Peace!

If you want to believe, you do you but don't force your religion down my throat m'kay

If you're religion is so sacred, then show some respect to yourself and keep it quiet.

2300 years ago

Kind of reminds me of something I heard in a dream once, I've yet to have anyone respond to.if all things are possible for God, Can God create a stone too large for him to roll?