Disney Princesses As "Avatar: The Last Airbender" & "The Legend of Korra" Characters

Disney Princesses As "Airbender" & "Legend of Korra" Characters

If the Disney Princesses were on Avatar the Last Airbender . Elsa as a Northern Water Tribe Waterbender


FROZEN count: Such a great movie! Here is a little drawing of a new dress for Elsa, a mixture of her classic “ice" dress as well as Anna’s coronation gown! I love the panels and the structure of Anna’s gown, so amazingly realistic!

Elsa Anime Girl

artist name bare shoulders blue dress blue eyes dress elsa (frozen) eyelashes eyeshadow frozen (disney) glitter gradient gradient background hair ornament lipstick loina long hair makeup red lipstick signature smile smirk snowflakes solo sparkle stra

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This is rose Jack gave me. This is here because the tag thingy I read about Rose Tyler and Captain Jack Harkness and ahhh.

Figured it out!! Elsa is the half blood daughter of khoine and they live in an ancient Alaska so there is no contact from the gods whatsoever!!! That's why she was never claimed and why she has ice powers

Yet another Elsa.lol this time inspired by the work of Alfonse Mucha. btw the song "Let It Go" is AMAZING! c) Disney Nouveau Elsa

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Elsa ~ I wish instead of her braid,she could've let down all of her hair! And at the tips of each peice,there would be tiny beautiful snowflake crystals!

*0* uau! novo vestido da Elsa lindo de mais!! ;)

feliadraws: “ Not gonna lie, I’m actually kinda excited for Olaf’s Frozen Adventure. xD Love the new Elsa’s look! Elsa from Frozen, Disney.

Let it go

a-ka blonde hair blue eyes braid cape dress elsa (frozen) frozen (disney) hair ornament hair over shoulder long hair magic open mouth single braid snowflake hair ornament snowflakes solo